Because it feels so good when I stop.

It’s amazing what a fine line there is between the feeling of butterflies and nausea.

The way our bodies react to certain situations, what digs away beneath the surface, what elevates our spirits… the delicacy of emotions, strung together on the tiniest, most fragile string that we trust to get us to the next moment.

The mind is a wonderfully dangerous thing when left alone to wonder and wander. You can feel steady, secure in your choices, confident in your reality; in a moment’s notice, however, doubt can smother you. And fear can pull you under.

There’s a certain element of outlook that can negotiate the levels of terror that doubt can wage on your mind. You can choose your attitude. You can choose happiness.

But I think a small element of fear or worry – of anxiety – reminds us why we care about something at all.

Because it matters. Because it’s important.

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